Ayaba Cosmetics Products Aura’s Beauty Director Needs You To Know About This Week


22 January 2021

If we’re all asked to confess something, mine would be that I care less for my hair and skin. Once I bathe with a medicated soap, I’m good to go. My hair can look like a mess and I’d really not care. But one of my resolutions for this year was to consciously care for my skin and hair. So, I decided to give organic products a try and I got some products from Ayaba cosmetics. They’re a beauty and cosmetics brand that sells products handmade in Nigeria and believe me, their products live up to their promises. You’ll know why when you read further.   I got four products; two for my hair and two for my skin. The skin products include their handmade black soap and a shea buttercream. For my hair, I got their keratin hair fibers and a strengthened deep conditioning mask. Here’s the review for each product:   


First off, you need to know that black soap is a one-way ticket to having flawless skin no matter your skin type. But using this particular soap gives you a 3-in-1 benefit; it leaves your skin moisturized after purifying it deeply and helps with dry skin conditions.  Once you dispense a small quantity on your sponge, you’ll see it give a nice lather. It has a slightly rough texture on your skin while washing but once you rinse it all off, you feel every single dirt on your body leave. Don’t get me wrong, all soaps are meant to remove dirt from your body but there’s this extremely refreshing feeling you get after using this one. It really leaves you feeling extra clean and moisturized. 


This is a shea butter mixture infused with carrot oil and it claims to moisturize and heal dry skin. It has a slight gritty texture at first but immediately after rubbing, your skin absorbs it and becomes supple.  Applying this after taking a bath gives my skin a soothing feeling. Every scoop and rub leaves my skin soft and shiny. A little quantity can go a long way so it’s definitely going to last more than a month or two


One thing I love about this semi-thick cream is the mild citrus scent it gives after detangling your hair. Using this for some days helped to also strengthen my hair.  
It can be applied in two ways; when the hair is wet and when it’s dry. You can decide to apply it on your dry hair and leave in or on your wet hair and wash off after 15 minutes. 


If you want your hair to have a fuller look, then you need this. It comes in a powder form so it has to be applied with a hair fiber pump that’ll aid easy application on thinning areas of your hair.   I lost a part of my front hair last year after taking off the locs I made for the holiday and it made me sad ever since. I judiciously applied this product for a few days on the spot I lost hair and I saw a huge difference. Looking at the mirror ever since just felt so good and combing my hair became a new hobby. 
PRICE AND AVAILABILITY   Ayaba cosmetics also has varieties of other products that can fit into your simple hair and skin routine at really affordable prices.

All the products I got, cost a total of NGN 14,500.  No matter where you are in the world, you can get their products because they deliver worldwide. 
You can either order from them on Instagram or on their website shopayaba. or follow on Instagram  @ayabacosmetics 

It’s time to treat your hair and skin like royalty!