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Do This If You Ejaculate Too Early


18 January 2021

If you come too early during sex. Even men who have no trouble lasting for a long time in bed sometimes come too soon or experience, Premature ejaculation, and there's a whole variety of ways that you can respond to ejaculating too soon. When you're in bed with the woman today, I'm gonna tell you what to do and what not to do. If that happens to you, number one, do not throw a pity party, do not get down on yourself, do not start making assumptions about what she thinks about you, do not cry, and definitely do not turn away from her. Listen, women have sex for physical intimacy, as well as emotional intimacy. And if you start to feel shame and stigmatized intern away from her, you cutting off that emotional intimacy. Yeah, the physical intimacy is not there anymore, at least not for that moment. right? But you can recover that if you don't lose the emotional intimacy by turning away from her and getting in your own head or getting in your own shape. Here's what you should do if you ejaculate too early.

Number One, ask her what would work for her, you can use the exact phrase. What would give you the most pleasure in this situation? Maybe it back rubs. Maybe she wants to take a break and get a glass of water offer to make it up to her by going down on her or using your mouth and your fingers to stimulate her. See if you can get her to have an orgasm, especially if you're gonna be able to go for round two, and if you will be able to go for around two. Suggest that at the time, say, hey, I am sorry this happened, but I'd ready to go again. How about a back rub in the meantime? That response definitely do not act as if it didn't happen, the best thing you can do is acknowledge it, discuss it with her, take responsibility, and ownership for it, and then come up with a great plan for what to do next, that's how you would be an amazing lover. It doesn't take six hours of straight pounding to be an amazing, amazing lover. It takes care, consideration, and communication. If you demonstrate those after you ejaculate too soon, you can still be one of the best lovers she ever had. In fact, you might be better because you were there.

You created the emotional intimacy you listen to her, you asked creative questions and able to listen to the answers, understand her reaction depends a lot on you. If you freak out flip out. Going to shame chan, chances are that she the same. If you accept it, acknowledge it and you are game to do something about it, then she's gonna respond in kind and most importantly did not make assumptions about what she thinks or how she feels in your mind. She might think, Oh, my gosh, he not a great lover. I have to have sex with someone else. Yeah, those thoughts are not helping you, and they are not true. You cannot assume to know what's actually happening in her mind, you have to ask those questions recognize making assumptions is only hurting you. Getting into your internal dialog and getting in your way and preventing you from being a calm and confident man in the bedroom.