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5 Animated Movies That Will Change Your Perspective About Life


27 January 2021

Here are 5 animated movies you need to see because their storyline spotlight very crucial life lessons which many of us miss yet require to enhance my day-to-day living.

There is nothing childish about viewing animated movies. They are, after all, created by a team of adults who worked hard tirelessly to put some of the most amazing contents out there for our little ones.

These movies embody very powerful storylines that are well-related to real-life situations. This could possibly be due to the ability of animators to limitlessly create the precise characterization and setting in relation to the creative idea conceived. Unlike the making of regular movies which are being limited by, well, what the earth provides; the limitation is quite narrow for animation movies.

Everything in this movie is perfect. Many animators are still trying to wrap their heads around the astounding lighting that creates the hyper-realistic beauty in it. You will barely find an animated movie lighted the way Soul is.

This movie teaches about living life in the moment, one thing many of us fail to do. We are either chasing purpose or lifelessly re-living each day being unaware of the precious gifts life has blessed us with. At the end of the movie, you’d also get to learn what it really means to have the so-called 'spark' many of us seek.
Soul follows the story of Joe Gardener; a master pianist equipped with the task of helping a young soul discover its life purpose.



This 2017 Disney/Pixar emotion-appealing masterpiece is about a young music lover who travels to the Land of The Dead and learns of an ancestor.
There are many lessons to derive from Coco but the main two are the value of family and our passions influence the people in our lives. The movie also reflects how powerful music can be, transcending from the land of the living to that of the dead. If you doubt the authenticity of Coco, just go and check the audience review of the movie on Google.

Another Disney/Pixar movie that is beyond beautiful; a must-see for everyone.
Inside Out enlightens viewers on the importance of emotions especially sadness. We get to learn why we need to express our emotions and the outcome of suppressing them. If you are one who misunderstands emotional people, this one is for you.

The storyline focuses on five emotions: fear, anger, disgust, sadness and joy and how they influenced a young girl’s life


If you have lost a loved one, Onward will definitely speak to you. This adventurous emotional piece follows the tale of two brothers who went through extreme lengths to spend limited time with their late father.
It informs us about coping with the loss of a loved one and the value of family. The most important lesson learnt here is we already have many of the things we seek and just need to open our senses to recognize them. It seems Disney/Pixar is out here serving us life tea.

5. UP
The vital lesson drawn from Up is hope and the basic fact that it is never too late to achieve your dreams.

Up was released in 2015 but it will forever remain in the hearts of everyone who sees it. It tells the story of an old man who gave up on life after losing the love of my life. Years later, his life is (fortunately) intruded by a cheerful Boy’s Scout and it becomes an adventure from there.
If you have seen these movies, thumbs up to you for relating to them. If you haven’t or perhaps dislike animated movies, surely you should try and watch these movies objectively; precisely comprehending the messages they pass across. Honestly, they will be worth your time.