Maximalist Fashion Queen, Jennifer Oseh Proves That ‘More-Is-More’ In Experimental Fashion Statements


26 January 2021

Fearless, unpredictable, exuberant, risky, edgy, audacious, experimental, androgynous, versatile, exaggerated and adventurous are the words we have to describe The Lady Vhodka for pushing fashion boundaries through her ‘WildKulture’ label

Since the popularization of funky patterns in the 1960s, the maximalist fashion concept has been here to break the confines of minimalism. Maximalist fashion is the aesthetics of loud prints, bright colours, extra embellishments, contrasting textures, similar colours, complimentary silhouettes, prints, layering, adding that extra layer, an extra layer again and then one more. Undeniably, ‘extra’ is the synonym of fashion in a maximalists’ dictionary.

Lagos-based maximalist queen, Jennifer Oseh Okpepe, popularly known as The Lady Vhodka, accentuates the beauty of excess every single time she appears online or offline. The Nigerian fashion stylist fell in love with fashion as an adolescent when she realized her super power of always shopping nice clothes.

The maximalist style trend is definitely not for the shy or faint-hearted and Jennifer Oseh has proven to be the boss of confidence in showing off her style statements in a society as conservative as Nigeria.

In her words,

‘It definitely took me a while to understand my style and be confident about it. At some point, I wasn’t confident enough to wear what I liked because I often got remarks like “what are you wearing”, “you can wear rubbish sha” and “are you really going out like this”? And those things really got to me. I found myself trying to tame my creative side to avoid backlash from these basic minded people.'

'It took me a while to understand that like they say “to each his own” and we should really do what makes us happy you know. I got over such remarks and ever since my confidence became a 101!  I’ve been able to inspire and influence people to push fashion boundaries. My style is very androgynous, edgy, versatile and chic.’

Featured on the VOGUE India 2019 print issue as the only representative from Nigeria, the Wild flower as she popularly calls herself on Instagram had this to say;

‘I love putting together outfits editorially’

And her sartorial motto as appeared on the issue was and still is;

‘In a world of Kardashian lookalikes, don’t be afraid to appear flamboyant, to be individual’

Every look of hers has been a bomb exploding charisma and personality in the world of owning a fashion signature. Even if a fashion statement pops into her mind at 2am, the maximalist queen is up and ready to put it all together because passion and enthusiasm are secret ingredients in Jennifer’s behind-the-scene edgy and eclectic style looks.

Inspired by her mother’s old photos, Lisa Folawiyo, Kanye west, and Solange, the ‘WildKulture’ creative consultant, stylist, fashion director and designer is known for her edgy blonde cut, oversized ruffles, stylish stilettos, mixed patterns, bold colours, sunglasses and everything extra because why not?

In October 2020, the fashion experimenter bore her first major art work of model styling and art direction in the ‘CARPE DIEM’ album by Nigerian Hip Hop Artist, Olamide which was seen in Times Square New York. What a win that was for The Lady Vhodka.


As far back as 2017, the wild flower gave this style advice which is still so relevant:

Two things: 1 – Wear what you like, how you like it (Don’t be afraid to explore your creative side) and 2 – never be a slave to trends!

We certainly cannot wait for Jennifer’s appearance on the front page of VOGUE MAGAZINE sometime in the future.